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Friday, September 17, 2010

Leaving the Loony Bin

So it only makes sense that our neurosurgery/neurology (brain/back surgery and stroke) patients might be a little loony sometimes. Anything goes wrong with your brain and things start to get a little bit coo-key. Remember that one patient I mentioned a while back who somehow had a bag of marijuana smuggled into the hospital and he hid it in the sugar drawer at the coffee station? Well, HEEEE'S BACK. Last time he was admitted he was one of the most inappropriate patients I had ever had-trying to cop a feel when I'd lean over to listen to his heart and lungs with my stethoscope. Last night he tried to hug me at least 3 times and asked me out 4x which is a lot less than his last admission. Oy vey! Tonight is my last night as a floor nurse. Starting monday I become an ICU nurse. How weird/cool is that!?

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